Silver Engraved Virtue Peacock

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A peacock is considered to be a legendary bird in various cultures. It symbolizes beauty and dignity to the Native Americans, patience, and kindness to Hindus, and is a hallmark of benevolence, spiritual providence, and purity to Christians. This statement piece honours the creature in a unique shape that showcases its striking train. It is an authentically handcrafted silver figurine with a sheen finish. It has meticulous attention to detail, from the bird’s crest, facial features, and extravagant train feathers to its legs and feet. 



  • Finish Colour: Silver (Chrome with Light Bronze undertone)
  • Style: A classic antique decorative piece associated with maturity and earthiness.
  • High-Quality Material: Silver is durable and has unparalleled excellence in quality in which exquisite attention to detail can be showcased.
  • Attention to Detail: The sculpture has very detailed features from the bird’s crest, facial features, and extravagant train feathers to its legs and feet.



- Width (side to side): 23.5"

- Height (bottom to top): 19.5"

- Depth (front to back): 9"



Primary Material


Silver stands as a valuable metal next to Gold because of its elusiveness and the amount of effort devoted to crafting pieces that are made of it. It is sturdy, well-built, and durable.


Chrome with Light Bronze undertone


  • Silver - First, clean it to remove any particles or residues that will interfere with the tarnish removal process. Washing or swabbing with a non-ionic or anionic detergent in distilled water will be safe for most objects, provided that any non-metallic parts or wooden attachments are not allowed to get wet. After washing, rinse the object with distilled water and dry it with a soft cloth or warm air.

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