One-of-a-Kind Bronze Vase With Ornate Handles (Sold As Pair)

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SKU: BS 786-0002

Decorative handcrafted handmade solid bronze vase with ornate handles - Beautifully Pealike shape with an enormous lip. This authentically handcrafted bronze décor represents ancient times and features a sacred bird on the handles twisted and curved, showing off an ornate aesthetic. Likely used in the past for religious ceremonial function, this is an interesting artwork to study and discover. This piece has small diamond patterns. The piece is covered in deep bronze earth with golden palm patina linings with a subtle green undertone. It has meticulous attention to detail from the engravings on the neck and handles to the perfectly casted foot of the vase.


Height : 52.5 in.

Width : 19.5 in.

Length : 16 in.

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