Lexington Chocolate Brown Recliner Sectional

Lexington Chocolate Brown Recliner Sectional

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With its sleek aesthetic, this is the Delectable Delight of our sectionals. Apart from the attached chair and recliners, this set also includes a console and a wedge, and everything is constructed with a durable metal frame that’s covered in rich, dark chocolate brown faux leather. The seat cushions, headrest, and arms have chunkier padding and the overall look is finished off with clean baseball stitches. Not to mention the recliner function and hidden cupholders that allow you to lie back and enjoy while sipping your morning coffee. Get ready to unwind on this choco-hued Curt sofa!



  • Finish Colour: Dark Chocolate
  • Style: Sleek and trendy with eco-friendly leatheraire that is perfect for any contemporary home
  • High-Quality Material: Has a metal frame for a durable, stable  frame so there is better support
  • Soft and Cozy: Fuller padding for the headrest, back, and armrest
  • Recline and Relax: Includes a Reclining function; Should your feet need to take a load off as well, press the reclining button to lift them and relax.
  • Easy Assembly: Very easy to assemble! The set comes with all parts and hardware. All parts and tools are clearly labelled, and instructions are included.
  • Extra Element: Cup holders lie inside the console.


RHF Recliner

- Width (side to side): 31”

- Height (bottom to top): 39”

- Depth (front to back): 40”

LHF Recliner

- Width (side to side): 31”

- Height (bottom to top): 39”

- Depth (front to back): 40”

Armless Recliner

- Width (side to side): 22”

- Height (bottom to top): 39”

- Depth (front to back): 40”

Armless Chair

- Width (side to side): 25”

- Height (bottom to top): 39”

- Depth (front to back): 40”


- Width (side to side): 12”

- Height (bottom to top): 35”

- Depth (front to back): 35”


- Width (side to side): 42”

- Height (bottom to top): 39”

- Depth (front to back): 40”



Sofa Set Includes:

- 2 Recliner

- Armless Recliner

- Armless Chair

- Console

- Wedge


Sectional Type




Note: Other items are not for sale.


Primary Material


Metal is sturdy; rust-proof, fireproof and waterproof.


Faux Leather

Faux Leather is eco-friendly, strong, long-lasting, easier to keep clean, and becomes comfortable over time.

Upholstery Colour

Dark Chocolate


  • Leather - Keep at room temperature. Dust with a soft, clean cloth as needed. For dirt, use a slightly damp soft cloth to wipe the surface.

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