Large Bronze Palace Planters (Sold as Pair)

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SKU: BS 786-0005

Decorative one-of-a-kind handcrafted vintage solid bronze large Islamic bronze palace flower planters (sold as a pair) - From attention-grabbing flowers to trimmed boxwood shrubs, anything can be placed on this vintage palace planter. It makes any plant aesthetically pleasing! This authentically handcrafted bronze décor is mainly designed to display plant life but can just be a standalone embellishment. It evokes ancient times and what makes it unique is the floral Islamic Art and calligraphy that surrounds the lips and the body as well as a portion just above the foot. The piece is covered in deep bronze earth with golden palm patina linings with a subtle green undertone. It has meticulous attention especially on how the engravings and intricately carved and the pattern is beautifully laid out on the body of the round piece. It is an exquisite piece worthy of collection.


Height : 26 in.

Diameter : 28 in.


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