Handcrafted Slat Back Chair

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One-of-a-kind vintage artisan handcrafted solid reclaimed teak wood slat back chair with golden-plated studs - Designed for residential use, this stylish slat chair is a great choice for your retrophile taste. Handmade from reclaimed solid teakwood by skillful artisans, the frame of this armless chair has a sleek, deep brown finish with natural brown stains; and the outline, which includes the arms and arched rail, is surrounded by golden plated studs.  The backrest features an astonishing brass engraved grid filled with small circle stud inlays plated in golden. Place it at the outdoor dining area or your kitchen at home. Match it with a glass or wooden table to complete your setting.


Height : 24 in.

Width : 24 in.

Depth : 30 in.

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