Bronze Standing Buddha in Bhūmisparśa Mudra

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Vintage handcrafted solid bronze life-size standing buddha in bhūmisparśa mudra sculpture - Truth is powerful and this vintage piece will help you channel an honest life because it features Buddha in the bhūmisparśa mudra which entails "Calling the Earth to Witness the Truth". This authentically hand-cast bronze sculpture showcases the Śramaṇa deity standing on a lotus temple. This piece is hand-painted in a mix of bronze and brown patina. It has meticulous attention to detail with its engravings from Buddha’s facial features (including the Urna or circular dot), the peace sign on his chest and robe cloth to the headpiece and the ethnic platform he’s standing on. If you look closely, his clothing features intricate, floral artwork. This magnificent piece is perfect for your collection.



Length : 71 in.

Width : 21.5 in.

Depth : 17 in.


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