Bronze Sculpture of Meditating Buddha

Bronze Sculpture of Meditating Buddha

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Happiness starts within and also when you have this decorative piece in your home! It’s time to concentrate on the present moment and not dwell in the past because that is what Buddhism is all about. This authentically hand-cast in cold-cast bronze sculpture showcases Buddha performing meditation in the Vitarka Mudra. This piece is hand-painted in a mix of black and green patina with his skin and some portion plated with a golden hue. It has meticulous attention to detail with its engravings from Buddha’s facial features and robe cloth to the headpiece and the ethnic lotus temple he’s standing on.



  • Finish Colour: Black, Green Patina, and Gold
  • Style: A classic antique decorative altarpiece associated with maturity and earthiness.
  • High-Quality Material: Bronze is ductile, strong, and durable which allows complex detailing because it can easily fit in any mold.
  • Attention to Detail: The sculpture has very detailed elements from Buddha’s facial features, his robe cloth, and headpiece to the ethnic lotus temple he’s standing on.


- Width (side to side): 18"

- Height (bottom to top): 25"

- Depth (front to back): 15"



Primary Material


Bronze is the most popular metal for cast metal sculptures because of the alloy’s ductility so it is not brittle when cast. It also has incredible strength.




  • Bronze - Rinse the surface with clean running water. Pay particular attention to places on textured surfaces that collect and hold water. Use a mixture of non-ionic or neutral detergent and water to clean the surface. Allow the surface of the bronze sculpture to dry in the sun. Towels may be used to help soak up water remaining in low-lying areas of texture.

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