Bronze Cupid Cherubs and Angles Pedestal Bird Bath

  • $59,000.00
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Decorative handcrafted solid bronze cupid cherubs and angels pedestal column mid-century bird bath - Ever wanted cute baby angels with chubby cheeks and little wings in your living space or outdoor garden? This piece features  charming cherubs and  two angels leading them. They, together with the flowers surrounding them, are intricately carved on the body and the base of the piece with a Roman-inspired pedestal design. Two little cupids sitting are sculpted at the bird bath's mouth. This authentically hand-cast bronze sculpture features hints of bronze, caramel and deep brown patina for a more vintage look. It has meticulous attention to detail with its engravings from the physique and facial features to the clothing, floral accents and the ornate handles.


Height : 45 in.

Diameter : 10 in.

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