Why People Love Handmade Rugs

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Rugs represent elegance and comfort and may completely transform any room. A handmade rug can liven up space by bringing depth and enthusiasm. Both the feet and the eyes will feel calmed by it.


The necessity for a rug is undeniable, but choosing one may be difficult for those unfamiliar with the topic. The range of available options can be overwhelming, and it can be challenging to know what factors to consider when making a decision.


Of course, it is an investment, so making the appropriate choice is essential. Fortunately, a simple search for "online furniture stores in Scarborough" can take you in the right direction.


Below is an analysis of why hand made rugs are such an investment. Read on!

What Are Hand Made Rugs?

Expert craftspeople weave individual handmade carpets by knotting the fibers together. The materials typically used in this procedure are wool and silk, and the two weaving techniques used to create them—"hand-knotting" and "hand-tufting"—define their quality.


Although there may not be much difference between these two handmade rug-making techniques, "hand-knotted" rugs are created on a special loom where each thread is knotted into the wool.


In contrast, "hand-tufted" rugs are created mechanically rather than by hand attaching the fibers. Hand-tufted carpets can be prepared more quickly than hand-knotted rugs since the machine performs most labor-intensive tasks.


Flat weave rugs also exist. These handmade carpets are flat because they lack the pile that gives other rugs their thickness. The flat weave carpets Kilim, Dhurrie, and Soumak, are excellent examples.


It is advised to put a rug pad under a flat weave rug if you want to ensure it stays in place and provides some cushioning.


Natural fibers like silk, wool, jute, and cotton are typically used to make hand made carpets. Despite being pricey, hand-knotted rugs are pretty strong.

How to Choose the Right Hand Made Rugs

Before you search for a home decor shop in Scarborough, understand what exactly hand made rugs are, why they are exotic and what to consider while choosing one.


After all, collectibles & functional purpose rugs exist in plenty in Toronto, and you can find them at the GA Home Superstore. To choose the carpet, you should consider your aesthetic and design preferences for your furnishings.


The remainder of the furniture design will determine whether you go with a theme complemented by classic, modern, or fusion rug designs. Or your carpet can have a minimalist design or a bright, vibrant pattern.


Depending on personal preference, you may choose a rug that is adaptable enough to be used in various settings or use it as an accent piece and go with a pattern that sticks out.


The issue of follow-up care follows. Depending on your carpet's material, you must clean rugs regularly and professionally.


Without adequate cleaning, such as in the event of moisture retention, the area would not only smell bad but also be quite unhygienic for those using it.


A rug's primary utilitarian purpose, excluding its design, size, and aftercare, is to bring comfort for the functional rug and coziness for the collectible. As a result, one should consider how soothing it is to touch. 


Your lifestyle would be the final component. Most of the room is taken up by the floor. Therefore, choosing the appropriate type of custom rug would depend on whether kids or pets are in the house.

Why Hand Made Rugs Stand Out

The fact that every handcrafted rug is a unique treasure raises its worth further.


Because skilled artisans craft them, each handmade rug frequently has a distinctive pattern that narrates the weaver's story. Therefore, those who want to add a unique and daring touch to their interior must choose a handmade carpet.


Hand made rugs are frequently passed down through the generations as precious family heritage and will endure for a very long time with careful care.


Handmade carpets feel plush and cushiony under the feet because of the natural materials and methods employed in their construction, which adds to their appeal.


The maintenance it needs is another factor indicating its durability. You can thoroughly clean a hand made rug, eventually prolonging the rug's life even though drying time is a little longer.


As they age, handmade rugs gain in value, especially if they are well-maintained.

Hence, most rug owners don't mind paying the greater price since they see a handmade rug as an investment rather than just another piece of furniture.


Due to how the fibers are connected during handcrafting or knotting, hand made rugs are of higher quality and lifespan.


As a result, hand-knotted carpets retain their shape longer than those created by machines. The threads of machine-made rugs tend to unravel over time due to the glue degrading.


Handmade rugs are environmentally beneficial because their colors are made from natural elements like plant pieces and other components. They are also manufactured to prevent the emission of effluents into the environment.


Manufacturers use clean and green practices throughout the entire process. Additionally, because these rugs last for decades, there is no need to replace them with new ones, which would add to the garbage.


The best option for your home is to choose handmade rugs if you prefer a natural and toxic-free atmosphere.

Where to Get an Authentic Home Decor Shop in Scarborough

There are many online furniture stores in Scarborough, but the best place to get authentic, handmade rugs is at GA Home Superstore.


Located at 1399 Kennedy Rd. in Scarborough, Ontario, GA, Home Superstore has a collection of carpets and rugs valued at more than $2 million.


This collection is unique since many of the rugs are manufactured by hand and created by some of the most talented Middle Eastern artisans, where the best and most unusual rugs are made.


These products command high prices and can even qualify as collectibles due to their unrivaled quality and rarity. Collectible carpets are typically only produced as ornamental items, not for practical use.


Other handmade rugs are constructed to withstand decades of heavy foot usage. So whether you need rugs that serve decorative and practical purposes, you can find them online or in-store at GA Home Superstore. Get yours today!

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