How to Achieve the Cottage Look in Your Home

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Countryside living for many is defined by simple, carefree lifestyles, flower-filled gardens, and a charming cottage style home. The appeal of cottage homes extends much further than mere aesthetics. It truly is a lifestyle. The good news is that you too can achieve the cottage look in your current property—no moving required. So, if you’re ready to ditch your conventional home aesthetic for the charming cottage look, then read along for a few tips on how to achieve just that.


What Defines a Cottage Style Home?

Cottage style homes are defined by whimsical facades, small footprints, luscious gardens, gabled roofs, and a mixture of traditional architectural designs. However, unless you’re building from scratch, changing your façade seems like an extensive and highly expensive endeavour. The one thing you might have control over is your landscaping, so you can start by filling your garden with various flowers and plump bushes. The good news is that it is much easier to transform your home into a cottage-like dwelling on the inside. Let’s take a look at how.



Experiment with Fun Prints and Patterns

This is the perfect time to install the wall print patterns you’ve always wanted. Opt for pastel colours or natural hues to achieve a serene look throughout your home. Natural stone and brick backsplashes also add a rustic, countryside feel to the overall aesthetic.


When it comes to upholstery and beddings, stick to traditional prints like florals, ginghams, and crocheted blankets. In the kitchen, linen fabrics offer a rustic, conventional feel to napkins, tablecloths, and towels.


Let the Décor Pieces Shine

Cottage styled homes are not afraid to showcase their treasures. Open shelf furniture is ideal for highlighting antiques, ornate vases, sculptures, wooden picture frames, curated art pieces, and worn-out books. Let vintage pieces add a sense of historical charm, especially in your most frequented areas like the living room.


Porcelain containers in the kitchen alongside hanging pots and pans can really expand on the countryside kitchen aesthetic. In addition, optimize the open shelving look by showcasing your porcelain china collection complete with a traditional tea set.


Bring the Outdoors In

Cottage homes really capitalize on bringing the outdoors in, whether it be with floral upholstery and wallpaper patterns or by keeping live plants indoors. Keep fresh flowers from your garden in various vases scattered across your home and a few green plants adjacent to natural light sources. For a more authentic look, open up the windows to fresh air and the soothing sound of birdsong.


Top It All Off with Rustic Styled Furniture

When it comes to selecting furniture for your cottage style home, look for rustic pieces made out of reclaimed wood, cast iron, and ornamental sofas. Check out your local antique shops and thrift stores where you’re likely to find these traditional furniture styles. Carved designs on wooden furniture pieces are a plus.


In the bathroom, nothing screams “cottage aesthetic” more than a rustic bathtub taking center stage. Top off the cosy feel with an ornate fireplace in the living room and soft hanging barn lights spread throughout the house.


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