Dining Room: The Ultimate Eating Experience

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Dining Room Furniture

For many, a dining set can be a major purchase that ties together their home and brings together the people they love. Choosing the right dining set for your home takes planning and careful consideration. 

Of course, budget is often a factor, but many choices are available in every price range. Finding the right table for your budget, style, and needs can ensure you choose a dining set you’ll be happy with for years to come. 


To find the right set that’s styled to fit your life, here are some things to consider: 

Usage – For some, a dining set is a formality in a room that won’t often be used. For others, it’s a gathering place for friends and family in a nook in the kitchen. It’s good to consider factors like how often you’ll use a dining set, how many people you’ll need to seat, and what occasions you’ll use it for. If you only intend to use if for formal dinners, style might be more important than durability. If you have small children, a large family, or plan to use your dining set for everyday meals and game night, you might be most concerned about comfort and durability. 

Size – It’s essential to know the size of your dining room before shopping for dining sets. Not only does your table need to fit the space, but you need to plan for enough space to push chairs in and out as well as walk around the table when others are seated. A rule of thumb is to leave a three-foot cushion behind your chairs for the comfort of your diners. 

Shape – Dining sets come in many shapes and sizes, and some work better than others in different spaces. Round and oval tables typically make it easier to add more people around the table than square or rectangular tables with sharp corners and edges. Oval is also great for tight spaces, while oval and round are both good for supporting conversation – there’s no “head” or “foot” of an oval or round table. 

Materials – Dining sets are made of several different materials that might choose based on looks, durability, sturdiness, or even whether the table is easy to move. Glass tops are a popular and classy option that add light to any room, but can also chip, crack, or scratch under heavy use. Metal sets are most durable but can show fingerprints. Plastic and laminates can be long-lasting but might not have the look you’re going for. As you’re browsing for sets, keep your individual needs in mind to help choose the best option for your home and your style.

Style – You’ll find dining sets in every style you can think of. From teak wood to stainless steel, vintage farmhouse to modern, there’s something for every home. When you’re looking, consider the style of the rest of your home. While a modern, minimalist dining set may look fantastic in photos or the showroom, it will seem out of place in a cottage-style dining room. Choosing the right style can add a sense of calm and continuity to your home.

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