Accent Furniture: The Finishing Touch

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Best Accent Furniture to Create a Lively Living Space

Decorating an interior space may be intimidating as well as fun. It all depends on the choice of flooring, furniture, and paint. 

Uniquely crafted pieces like coffee tables, rugs, and custom-made chairs complement your current décor with eye-catching designs. In addition, they create a lively environment by adding personalized shapes, colors, and textures in dull spaces. 

However, when settling on a particular line of interior assets, available options may be bountiful and overwhelming. Let us walk you through accent furniture that will spice up your living space.


Add a Small Coffee Table in Foyers, Living or Dining Room 

Most foyers are empty, dull, and unwelcoming; unfortunately, homeowners don't have ideas on how to lighten them up. A small oak, maple, cherry, or walnut coffee table will do the job. 

Because you want something appealing, be bold on colors and ingenious on shapes. You may go with faceted, oval, or round tables with marble or glass tops. 

Break the plainness of the tabletop by adding a stack of your favorite books or an album of memorable photos. 

Go Crazy with the Floor 

In interior decoration, the floor is the real deal. A stunning well-groomed floor is cozy, relaxing, and is the focal point of the room. 

Most people prefer carpeted, tiled, or hardwood floors. Of course, they make a nice impression; the only problem is that they are too common to stand out. 

An accent rug is much better at hiding imperfections and creating a perfect space if combined with other pieces. First, consider what furniture, wall painting, and bonsais you want. Then come up with a rug that is not only beautiful but also will withstand constant punishment from foot friction. 

Good Chairs are a Must-have 

You are right to consider extra-large mid-century or camelback sofas on a luxury Berber carpet. Generally, accent chairs are practical and comfortable, compelling your guests

to add more minutes to the conversation. Who won't mind supportive guests staying a little bit longer? 

Besides giving your living room a facelift, Ottoman chairs and a vintage table with a floor lamp brighten up dead space. 

Having soft chairs with subtle hues in your bedroom is good for meditating in the evenings after a tough day. But remember, a bedroom should be simple, warm, and sexy, so avoid brightly colored chairs. 

Don't Be Mean to Candle Holders 

A candle holder should protect furniture from overflowing wax and create a romantic scene. Selecting antique brass or glass candle holders is another level of drama. In a word, they are mystical. 


Have You Ever Tried Out Bronze Sculptures? 

Bronze sculptures are distinct lines that separate a noble home from the rest. They bring a touch of history dating back to 2500 BCE to your home, according to ClearIAS. In case you buy one, keep it clean and polished. 

While interior designs are limitless, we strive to offer the best and most unique accent furniture. Visit GA Home Superstore in Scarborough, Ontario, or our online store here. We have compelling art pieces, bronze sculptures, Persian rugs, and a vast collection of carpets.


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