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Giant Auctions is one of the leading Auction, Wholesale & Retail companies in the Home Solutions space.

Founded by a young and visionary entrepreneur of distinction, Amir Khulmi, the company commenced business in 2008 from the back of a truck, going to various locations and conducting mobile auctions. From these humble beginnings, the company grew exponentially to its current recognition and standing in the marketplace.

The vision and diligence of the Owner and the Giant Auctions team continues to be the driving force behind its growth and success. More than 2,000 auctions have been conducted across Ontario and Quebec with over $200 million in product sales since 2008.

The company has now further reinvented itself and has recently opened its retail division "GA Home Superstore" with an online store at: www.giantauctionsstore.com This new channel allows customers to buy directly in-store and online with the option of either picking up the product or getting it delivered to their doorsteps.

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